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DARTBOARD is the top level Wiki page or Portal providing access to resource pages for Faculty, Staff and Students in the Department of Dramatic Arts, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario Canada.

How do I use this site? If you are a student (for example), click one of the quicklinks immediately below 'Student Resources'.  

You do not need to join this workspace in order to read the pages.



DART 4F56 Information for 2012 13


If you are interested in taking DART 4F56 this year see the DART website: http://www.brocku.ca/humanities/departments-and-centres/dramatic-arts/current-students/student-auditions-awards


Please see this PDF document for detailed instructions on how to apply for DART 4F56.
ALSO read the draft course outline here.
The deadline to apply is June 30, 2012.


Please note that there are diverse roles to create and collaborate in the 4F56 theatre company: 10-14 performers, 2-4 designers, technicians or stage managers, and dramaturges or assistant directors.  Role descriptions are included in the course outline.  In your application we are interested to learn of the qualities and the skills that you will bring to the research, collaboration, and production work of the 4F56 ensemble. Please describe the theatre you admire and want to create, explain why you think 4F56 can be a stepping stone in your development as a creating artist.

calendar entry is here.




Quick Links:   ARCHIVE, not necessarily up-to-date


ARCHIVE: DART Teaching Assistant Positions, Lab Assistant Positions and

Marker Grader Positions will be posted sometime around

June 1, 2010, closing sometime around June 30, 2010.

Watch the Human Resources site for the postings. Here the link:



Part-time Faculty and Teaching Assistants/Marker Graders:

see Positions Available *new*


 DART Schedules

Booking Requests

DART CONTACTS FT 0809.pdf (as of 21.01.09)

DART CONTACTS PT 0809.pdf (as of 25.11.08)



a new poster for 2008:

click to open



Student Resources


see info about applying for DART 4F56 in Info about courses


DART Student Guide: everything you need to know about being a student in DART: please read!

 Student_Guide 2011-2012 FINAL-1.pdf


(see the links below to go directly to those pages)

Special Notices, Info about courses, Services, Rules and Regs, Things to see and doJobs and Opportunities, Production Resources, Db Classifieds, Alumni News 


Part-time Faculty and Visiting Instructors:

Part-time Faculty Handbook, Field Trips, PT faculty profiles


Full-time Staff:

Field TripsRules and ProceduresPositions Available 


Full-time Faculty and ILTAs:

dartfaculty.pbwiki.com, Field Trips, Rules and Procedures, FT faculty profiles: see www.brocku.ca/dramatic_arts/faculty.html


Production Resources:

One Acts , 4F56 , Independent Productions



DART Facility Planning Wiki


Production Archives

contact David V



Chair's Wiki:

see the Chair 


DART Website development proposals (on the DARTfaculty wiki)


This Wiki belongs to you!  Questions and suggestions may be directed to David Vivian.

disclaimer: This is not an official publication of Brock University and the contents do not reflect the opinion of Brock University.  The author, not Brock University, is responsible for any and all content.  This page has been viewed  times since February 25, 2008.






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